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CORTOBER PATRICIAN HALL is now reopened for Mass every Sunday at 12.00pm. The number of persons permitted for Mass is now up to 150 persons or 50% capacity. We hope more can join us soon.

Saturday 15th January
7.00pm (Drumlion) Peggy Reynolds, Tumna, Months Mind Mass
Sunday 16th January
10.00am (Croghan) Peter Mulvey and John Boyd Anniversary
12.00pm (Cortober) Peter Donoher Anniversary
Saturday 22nd January
7.00pm (Drumlion) Mary Carney Anniversary
Sunday 23rd January
10.00am (Croghan) Thomas Hart Anniversary
12.00pm (Cortober) Des and Margaret Clarke Anniversary

Weekday Masses this week in Drumlion Church from Tuesday to Friday at 10.00am.

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