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WEEKDAY MASSES in Drumlion Church from Tuesday to Friday at 10.00am.

CORTOBER PATRICIAN HALL is now reopened for Mass every Sunday at 12.00pm. The number of persons permitted for Mass is now up to 150 persons or 50% capacity. We hope more can join us soon.

Sat 11th Sept
7.00pm (Drumlion) 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sun 12th Sept
10.00am (Croghan) Damien Cahill & Deceased Cahill Family Anniversary
12.00pm (Cortober) 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat  18th Sept   
7.00pm  (Drumlion) Tom and Mary Donoher Anniversary        
Sun 19th Sept   
10.00am (Croghan)  Thomas Lee Senior  Anniversary              
12.00pm (Cortober)  25th Sunday in Ordinary Time       
Sat 25th Sept    
7.00pm  (Drumlion)  Sean Duignan Anniversary
Sun 26th Sept
10.00am (Croghan) Catherine and Patrick Fillan Anniversary
12.00pm (Cortober) Ronan Hanly 8th Anniversary


PARISH MASS STREAMING PHASING OUT over the Month of May with the last Stream to take place on the last weekend in May. With the Elderly and the vulnerable largely vaccinated and with the younger age groups now being vaccinated in the coming weeks, it is now time to phase out the streaming. It is hoped that as we move into the coming months that restrictions will lessen over time.